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Baker Ballistics and Tactical Impulse Partner to Develop Advanced Ballistic Shield Lighting System

February 07, 2018

LANCASTER, PA – Baker Ballistics LLC, a leader in innovative ballistic protective equipment and Tactical Impulse LLC, a leader in innovative law enforcement lighting and holster technology join forces to develop the industry’s best performing and most advanced ballistic shield lighting System.

“The missions of Baker Ballistics and Tactical Impulse are one and the same – To develop products that keep our law enforcement officers and other “good guys” (military, security, etc.) safe. So, when our conversation began with Baker Ballistics in 2014 about improving their shield mounted lighting system, we were equally passionate about putting better tools in the hands of officers,” said Paul O’Brien, President & CEO of Tactical Impulse. “Baker Ballistics is the best in ballistic shield design and changed the game in how officers respond to active shooter situations. Tactical Impulse’s innovative focus on lighting utilization has similarly changed the way officers carry out routine duties and tactical tasks. The result of our collaboration is a device which reflects the expertise and skills of both our companies.”

“Our former lighting system achieved the goal of flooding an area with ample light, but we wanted something better,” said Rick Armellino, Director & CEO of Baker Ballistics. “Having Tactical Impulse on the team brought years of lighting industry experience to the table which resulted in new ideas and superior cohesive design. Our newly designed lighting system delivers over 30% more battery capacity, 350% more runtime, 75% more light output, and an improved housing and circuit design over our previous model. Most important, our new system uniquely enables officers to identify threats at a distance, like down hallways or in large rooms, while simultaneously flooding the immediate area with light.”

The new lighting solution entered production in late 2015 and due for release in early 2016, and more information and updates solution will be made available at and in the coming weeks. A prototype unit may be seen at the 2016 NSF Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV, Booth #20463.

About Baker Ballistics
Time has proven Baker Ballistics shields to be the best life-saving types of protective equipment ever designed, and are now in use protecting the safety of thousands of law enforcement, military, and security personnel worldwide. Designed, tested and manufactured in the United States, all Baker Ballistics employees share the concern about the increase in armed violence and are proud to produce life-saving quality products. Baker Ballistics is the sole manufacturer of the Baker Batshield®, MRAPS™ and MRAPS-IV™ products – available from Baker Ballistics or their authorized cadre of professional distributors, dealers, and factory representatives. Baker Batshield®, MRAPS™ and MRAPS-IV™ patented composite ballistic shields are solely manufactured by Baker Ballistics, LLC.

About Tactical Impulse
Tactical Impulse immediately made waves in the law enforcement “duty light” market with the release of its patented LE-1TM flashlight system. Designed with the patrol officer in mind, the LE-1TM platform is the only flashlight on the market that can accept different tail-end attachments that serve different purposes (like traffic control), and that can detect and react to its proprietary belt holstering system. Tactical Impulse continues to innovate in the public safety equipment product space, has new patent applications pending, and is eager to serve the law enforcement market for years to come.

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