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Smart Holster

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  • Features

    Ultra-Durable Construction
    Latching Mechanism
    Smart Light Control TM (SLC)
    Belt Size Adjustment
    Rotating Positions

    Construction Material


    Rotation Range


    Retention Method


  • Constructed of Polyoxymethylene polymer, the Smart Holster TM is a perfect companion to the LE-1+. The holster’s multidirectional latching components grasp the LE-1+ when inserted, and keep it secured during light to moderate physical activity. Thanks to Tactical Impulse Smart Light Control TM (SLC TM) Technology, the LE-1+ Smart Holster TM also ensures that the LE-1+ remains powered OFF while holstered, even if a power switch is pressed on the LE-1. SLC TM was designed to eliminate annoying and/or potentially dangerous accidental light activations while lights are holstered on a belt. In addition, if the LE-1+ was powered ON when holstered, SLC will automatically power the LE-1+ OFF. The Smart Holster TM is incredibly durable and able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. The belt attachment accommodates belts up to 2.25” wide and can rotate 360° around the holster body.
  • One Smart Holster
    One Allen wrench (concealed in holster)
    User Guide

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