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Cradle Charger (AC & DC)

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  • In addition to the Cradle Charger’s core function, which is to recharge the LE-1+’s internal battery(ies), the charger also secures the LE-1+ while charging, provides for spare battery charging, accepts both AC and DC input current, and offers wall/dash/deck mounting options. The charging neck’s multidirectional latching components do not require a specific alignment to secure the LE-1+, and, because the LE-1+’s charging rings provide 360° coverage around the flashlight, the LE-1+ will charge in any rotational positions. An additional Tactical Impulse 18650 Li-Ion battery may be charged simultaneously with the LE-1+, so a spare battery can always be ready for use. The battery bay is specially designed to hold the battery in place, even when the charger is mounted in a vehicle. The Cradle Charger is also able to seamlessly charge the LE-1+ when equipped with the Size & Life Extension Pack TM.
  • Power Output

    120V/220V AC or 12V DC

    Charging Time with AC power

    2.75 hrs. with single battery in light
    5.5 hrs. with Size & Life extension
    4.25 hrs. with spare battery bay

    Charging Time with DC power

    4-5 hrs. with singe battery in light
    9-10 hrs. with Size & Life extension
    6-7 hrs. with spare battery bay

    Light retention method


    Power Connection

    Twist lock exchange from either AC or DC

    Charge status indication

    Red/Green LED’s

    Mounting capability

    Two (2) screws (not included)


  • One Cradle charging base
    One 110V/220V FAST AC adapter (3Amp)
    One 12V FACT DC adapter (2Amp)
    User guide

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